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Research & Insight

Research & Insight

cGENOME™ Market Vision is a thorough study of your present play-ground and modelling your future market, providing powerhouse of insights.

Our advantage is in combining qualitative and quantitative research techniques with strategic consultancy, bringing factual knowledge PLUS building visual map of your company’s corporate genome (cGENOME™).

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As a result: you have clear understanding where you are now, where you want to be and how to reach this.

WHERE your organization stands NOW:
  • What weakens and what contributes to your strong corporate DNA;
  • How effective are interactions with market forces;
  • How to transform market forces to your advantage;
  • Present level of your effectiveness and competitiveness;
  • Revenue Gaps.
WHAT is your FUTURE Vs where you want to be;
  • What has to change in your strategy if you want to achieve your aims.
HOW to reach your aims in optimum and most cost-effective way (steps):
  • How your strategy should be optimized to increase effectiveness, competitiveness, revenue and reach goals;
  • What is primary focus for your resources (time, investments).




















  • Industry Economics & Regulations
  • Drivers & Opportunities
  • Size of the Market
  • Customers & Segmentation
  • Main Players & Competition
  • Pricing & Pricing Strategy
  • Distribution channels
  • Suppliers network

Understand your CUSTOMERS:

  • Segmentation
  • Brand awareness & image perception
  • Drivers for purchase
  • Satisfaction with products/services
  • Price sensitivity
  • Consumption of competitive products/services
  • Hidden & new opportunities for sales growth
  • Strategies for engagement

Develop and maintain your PRODUCTS & SERVICES:

  • Establishing present & future demand
  • Determining selling points & products’ value for customers
  • Brand awareness & image perception
  • Competitive products/services
  • R&D strategies
  • Innovations
  • Hidden & new opportunities for demand development
  • Strategies of market penetration for new products
  • Strategies for enhancing products and maximizing profits


  • Brand awareness and image perception by consumers, partners, stake-holders
  • Communication strategies of competitors vs yours
  • Planned communications strategy vs delivery
  • Effectiveness of communications
  • Finding the right communication channels, partners
  • Strategies for engagement

Advance your COMPETITORS:

  • 4Ps-7Ps of competitors: Product portfolio, Place/Distribution, Promotion, Price, Physical evidence, People, Processes
  • Corporate Genome of competitors vs yours
  • Strategies for advancing competitors and winning consumer


  • Engagement of distributors
  • Potential market vs present coverage
  • Effectiveness of channels strategy
  • Evaluation of partners effectiveness
  • Finding new partners
  • Strategies for partnership development

Grow your ECOSYSTEM:

  • Structure of your ecosystem
  • Opportunities for ecosystem development
  • Effectiveness of interactions with partners
  • Developing engaging strategies
  • Strategies for ecosystem enhancing and growth

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