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cGENOME strategy

cGENOME strategy

cGENOME™ = Corporate Genome of organization

We believe knowledge comes from Nature & Science, and this belief brought us to innovative idea of Transformational Strategy Consulting, based on genome science.

In nature genome is a blueprint of organism, consisting of DNA, genes and non-coding sequences. Health of genes & their connections determines health of genome as a whole and life length of the organism.

cGENOME™ Corporate Genome Transformational Strategy Consulting is focused on sustainability of business reached by:

  • Determining and refining Corporate DNA (key strength, competitive advantages),
  • Building healthy processes (DNA chain of organization) through
  • Optimizing core tasks (genes of organization) and
  • Strengthening bounds between them via internal communications and corporate culture.

cGENOME™ Strategy is visual, analytic, detailed and precise as science.

Via determining key strength and competitive advantages (Corporate DNA, KEYIDEA) of organization, mapping all processes and visualizing them as Genome  (DNA chain = business processes, interconnected genes = core tasks of departments) we can see, which tasks need to be sequenced. By analyzing every task and breaking it into essential goals-to-achieve and steps-to-do in Today & Future perspective we can see which links are broken and performance of which steps should be improved to change the state of the process and increase its value in chain.

cGENOME™ Modules:

cGENOME™ Task Management is an important module aiming to perfect performance of each process in organization by improving focus on goals & output of every task.

cGENOME™ Role Management is a module focused on team development through aligning knowledge of each person in the team. Every role contains specific tasks and is interconnected with other roles. By creating visual map of the role in company & its precise goals we give direction for long-term development of every person in the team. This decreases uncertainty, serves individual integrity and improves communications. Result – cutting miscommunication costs and growing happy team. Look also Business Coaching.

cGENOME™ Corporate Integrity is a complex module aiming to optimize present & develop future dimension of corporate culture, internal communications, corporate awareness, leadership and culture of innovations in organization.

cGENOME™ Market Vision is a thorough study of company’s present play-ground and modelling future market, providing powerhouse of insights. Please, look more at Research & Insight.

cGENOME™ Go-to-Market is a complex service, making your international business development simple. We analyze your present position & strengths, make study of other countries/markets’ attractiveness, help you to find partners, build network, plan Entry & Development strategy, contribute to finding local team, train personnel for sustaining business growth. Look more at Go-to-Market.