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Elena Konopleva. Founder and Director of KEYIDEA Consulting and KEYIDEAin~

Never see what has been done, Only see, what remains to be done

Elena Konopleva is the Founder and Director of KEYIDEA Consulting Ltd, KEYIDEAin~ and ideologist of cGENOME Corporate Genome of organization.

Elena founded KEYIDEA Consulting in 2011, driven by idea of transformational strategy consultancy for organization sustainability on basis of corporate genome methodology, based on science and nature of genome (cGENOME).

Striving for innovation, sustainability and open economy, Elena launched portal KEYIDEAin~ inspiring innovation with aim of creating new encyclopedy of today’s business, unite leaders towards building innovative open society and help ideologists to fund their projects and find support.

Elena holds degree in Economics & Management and have extensive experience in international business development, marketing and sales, internal and external corporate communications, strategy consultancy and processes optimization, advising stakeholders on change management, restructurings and innovative turn arounds.

Innovator in: KEYIDEAin~ inspiring innovation, cGENOME Corporate Genome strategy consultancy, iGENOME Integral Genome coaching

Connect viaLinkedIn, Twitter @KEYIDEAin