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Business coaching

Business coaching

“All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.” Albert Einstein

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” Steve Jobs

With experience of business consulting & coaching for blue-chips companies & passion for excellence & business sustainability, we are happy to become your partner and share our knowledge.

We’ve developed unique methodology of business coaching, combining cGENOME Corporate Genome transformational strategy consulting and iGENOME integral coaching. This innovative process of business coaching helps you to clearly visualize genome of your company and your role NOW and in the FUTURE and assists you in achieving your goals instantaneously.

We are especially focused on supporting start-ups and SME companies in the beginning of their activities, in time of the strongest challenges, and offer special packages for young businesses.

If you are interested in Team Business Coaching – please, contact us. We develop customized programs for talent development and goals alignment in organization.


FREE 30-min Introduction Session by tel or Skype

This helps us to understand, where you stand, what your goals & challenges are and plan our further collaboration.

For Free Business Coaching Introduction Session – please, click SET-UP a MEETING


Whatever your business goal & challenge is, this 1 hour intense coaching session aims to get valuable insights towards planning next right steps in achieving your goal.

1 Hour Business Coaching


4 coaching sessions per month.
1 month coaching helps you to understand and develop goals, visualize precisely how to achieve them, maintain motivation for achievement and keep control.

1 Month Business Coaching. 4 sessions by 1 Hour.


4 coaching sessions per month, 12 Hours in total.
If you search for solution of complex situation and professional guidance during challenging time of changes, we recommend to subscribe for 3 Month Coaching.
You will get invaluable support from specialists on business issues you are facing and will be able to resolve situation with confidence.

3 Months Business Coaching. 4 Hours per month. 12 Hours totally.