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Coaching is Socratic method of interaction, which facilitates the learner to discover answers and new ways of being, based on their values, preferences and unique perspective. It is also incredibly effective way of opening individual potential and developing leadership on new level.

We offer iGENOME integral coaching, based on innovative methodology. It is integral, multilevel approach, which not only helps to identify your or team goals, increase motivation, revive energy, get strong focus and start moving forward and achieving your goals immediately, it has much broader impact on your or team vision.

iGENOME integral coaching provides you or your team with complete visual map – your iGENOME. It helps to visualize where you are NOW, where you want to be in the FUTURE and map exact steps you have to do to achieve your goal. Moreover, it shows your present goal on integral picture of your life & career goals, brings out hidden aspirations and genuine aims. Result is clear vision, increase of energy and motivation, natural confidence and as a result of focused direction – achievement of goals.

Because of integral approach we have specialists with expertise in different coaching methodologies, which means – we are able to practice variety of techniques to activate your and team potential.

Please, choose, which type of coaching you are interested in: